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Sep 12, 2014

What is your LBD style?


Coco Chanel changed fashion history with the introduction of the little black dress in 1926, and the world has never been the same. I mean does it get any more iconic than a little black dress?  Think back to some of the best fashion moments ever and they all have one thing in common; a little black dress! From Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys to Angelina Jolie on the red carpet, it seems pretty clear that a LBD will never go out of style! 


A LBD is a wardrobe staple. I can’t even tell you how many LBDs I have hanging in my closet. You can dress them up with some statement jewelry, or dress them down with flats. Now, you are probably wondering how you can find the perfect little black dress for you. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 

The first step to finding the perfect LBD is to pick the right style dress for your body. For example, if you want to show off your legs, then go for a shorter style. Want to accentuate your waist? Pick an A-line cut that cinches at the waist. Seriously, the sky is the limit. The key to picking a LBD is confidence. So, remember to pick a style that you feel comfortable in

Here are some of my favorite little black dress trends.







For even more little black dress ideas, check out my entire LBD collection via Resultly


-Hillary T.

Sep 5, 2014



Fashion sense doesn’t come easy to everyone. First impression is everything. What you wear says a lot about you and it’s important to make a great impression in any scenario. When you look good, you feel good, and you’ll do great. Confidence will make you stand out, but the first step is looking fresh. For all you gents who need some guidance on expressing your style and looking good here is your Cheat Sheet…


Nothing you’re doing now is wrong…however there’s always room for improvement, right? This is for you visual learners. Buzzfeed Video is spot on for giving direction for fellers. Click and learn!

This video will give you all the deets on…
When to tuck your shirt
The master sleeve roll
How to find the blazer that suits you well


Finding a good pair of denim that compliments your body shape is difficult to find for all sexes. Nudie Jeans has an awesome fitting guide to help find the perfect pair of denim for you. Click on the photo to find your fit!

A common issue for men when finding a great fitting pair of jeans is that you may have some junk in the trunk, athletic thighs where it may be to tight around the area, but the waist size fits perfectly. Look out for the denim that says relaxed or straight leg.

Some great go-to brands for guys going through this issue, try on these jeans on your next shopping date.

J BrandDarren or Kane 
Kasil - Davidson
AG - Protegé or Graduate


Another good tip for men is matching your belt with your shoes. If you’re wearing brown shoes, partner it up with a brown belt. Your belt doesn’t need to match your shoes perfectly. For example, the shoe below has a different color on the bottom, you can even match your belt with the bottom of the shoe color.


Don’t be afraid to play around with your outfit. Have fun with accessories, throw on a hat or update your traveling bag for work or school. Lastly, let your style give you confidence!

Now that you have some inspiration, let’s do some easy shopping with Resultly with our Cheat Sheet collection!

Sep 4, 2014 / 1 note

Tech on the Runway: New York Fashion Week’s Biggest Trend


For all you fashion lovers and trendsetters your favorite time of the year has arrived, New York Fashion Week. Now you don’t necessarily have to be a fashion lover to engage in this year’s spectacle because the hottest trend you’ll be seeing on the runway is TECH! More than one hundred shows will take place between now and next Thursday, each featuring upcoming spring/summer collections. All over the globe fashion month has become a cultural event, an event that makes headlines and good conversation starters.

Fashion and technology have meshed together to create clothing and accessories that we wouldn’t even dream possible. At this year’s extravaganza, Intel, in partnership with barneysny and @openingceremony unveiled a new wearable smart bracelet (MICA). I know what you are probably thinking, it’s most likely going to be ugly, heavy, and will look like I’m wearing a tablet on my wrist. This isn’t the case with this bracelet. It comes in two styles, black snakeskin with pearls and white snakeskin with obsidian. Both styles have a curved sapphire touch-screen and built-in wireless radios. It also allows the wearer to stay connected via message alerts, text messaging, and general notifications. 


Not only will Intel’s bracelet make a debut at this year’s event but cutting-edge fabrics will be strutting their stuff too! What makes these fabrics so unique in comparison to traditional fabrics is they’re comfortable, easy to wear, and move when you move. In fact, ralphlauren  just launched the Polo Tech shirt which tracks the wearer’s heartbeat, respiration, and movement. Pretty nifty if ya’ ask me! 


Wearable technology is attracting the attention of thousands; however it does have some ways to go in the world of fashion. 

Unfortunately the Intel bracelet won’t be available for purchase until this upcoming holiday season. Be sure to check out @resultly in order to get yours in either black or white! In the meantime, check out other cool, new back to school gadgets you can also purchase with Resultly


Also, take a look at my New York Fashion Week inspired collection on Resultly!  

Janell N. 

Aug 28, 2014

An exclusive Resultly interview with Larz, the “funky flower child” from Chic


Meet Larz, a 19 year-old entrepreneur, philanthropist, and jetsetter who was born and raised in Chicago. Larz paved her way into the world of fashion and art when she founded “Chicago Flea MKT”, an art market in Wicker Park. Currently she works at a fashion start-up for college girls, Aside from all of Larz’s fashion work, she is dedicated to helping others throughout the community. Now Larz is enjoying her fall semester abroad in the fashion capital of the world, Paris.

1. How was LARZapalooza?
AMAZING. Now that I’m 20, and I’ve traveled around the US rocking flowers on my head, I felt it was time to make the FLOWER POWER tour official, and make a difference while doing it. 

My mission for LIVINLIKELARZ is : I want to do two things in my life: Be Inspired by Inspiring people. Inspire People to be inspired. At  LARZAPALOOZA  I was to inspire young girls through music, fashion, and flower crowns to raise money for MAKE A WISH ILLINOIS. I loved coming back to Chicago, after LA, NYC, and Nashville to collab’ with Frankies on the Park for a greater cause. I truly believe you’re never too young to make a difference or a wish.

2. What’s your favorite feature of Resultly? 
I LOVE that you can follow influencers based on category: Athletes, Tech Trends, etc. This segmented approach allows individuals to identify who their TRUE influencers are. Often times websites, pop culture, and magazines assume that a major ROCKSTAR is an influencer, therefore, EVERYONE should follow them. In reality, its about finding people who inspire you, through the things you are inspired by. 

If you love TECH> get inspired by TECH TRENDS. If you are an ATHLETE> KICK it like a PRO. That’s what I call RESULTS.  I mean who wants to practice a game they don’t wanna play?

3. What’s your favorite upcoming fall collection, designer, brand, or suggestions for your following? 
My favorite shoes are DEFINITELY BUCKETFEET. I’m all about the kicks… For several reasons.   Bucketfeet is one of my faves because it is a CHICAGO GROWN company , similar to  Bucketfeet supports artists around the world and turns their fab designs into shoes. I’m always obsessed with the NASTY GAL #SHOECULT.

Partly because Sophia Amoruso is such a #GIRLBOSS ( a must read if you haven’t). The Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack collection is ON POINT. No … but actually… I’m so stoked to carry them around Europe this fall :).

4. Who inspires you in fashion, in your writing and that you’d love to see as our next Influencer? 
Isabella Rose Taylor is going to be HUGE. She is one of my biggest inspirations… AKA she is 13 years old and has her own fashion line. She just got picked up by Nordstrom this FALL and she will be shown’ at NYFW. Watch out for this COOL CAT!

5. Can we have a sneak peak into your next Collection, see any trends for Winter?
Patterned dresses and leather belts are KEY to winter fashion.  Don’t be afraid to rock your favorite floral, aztec , or wild print. Prints are daring… don’t get me wrong… but if you pair it with a LEATHER BELT you’re gucci :).  You never want to hide in your clothes.

Be sure to check out some of the footage from Larz’s Make A Wish Illinois Festival video!

Don’t forget to follow Larz now

Aug 18, 2014

Back to School Grind

It’s about that time…All nighters, exams, papers. That back to school grind. The essentials you’ll find in the Back to School Grind Collection will help you ace your way through this school year.

A coffee maker will be your best friend. It’ll help you not doze off during class and keep your energy up throughout the day. Split the cost of a Keurig with your roommate for a quick cup of joe or save some dough with a Mr. Coffee.

You’ll need a sturdy backpack that won’t break on you when you’re carrying 5+ lbs on your back around campus. Look for a backpack made of nylon and polyester. In the collection, you’ll find backpacks that won’t let you down and maintain your stylish swag like Herschel, Vans, Incase.

When your phone dies…#theworstthingever. When you have 10 minutes to run to your next class, there’s no time to sit next to a outlet while your phone juices up. A portable phone charger is at your convenience! Search your phone type in Resultly to find one for your phone.

Bring a Audio recorder to class and it will have your back on all the important material you might have missed. 18 credits on our plate and professors speaking 300 words per minute, jotting down all the notes you need can be impossible.

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Post by Angelea 

Aug 15, 2014

Get the latest Runway Trends for Fall 2014!

Knit Sweaters and Wear

With the falling temperatures you can stay warm and trendy with sweater dressing. Some of the hot runway knitwear included Michael Kors fisherman cardigans and cozy knitted-scarves, Céline’s ribbed sweaters, and Lanvin’s ribbed sweater-dresses. You can find and buy similar items for the Fall 2014 Collection by clicking here:


This season designers chose to use shearling and a hint of fur to cozy up to. There’s a wide range of trendy styles, ranging from Miuccia Prada’s color-blocked coats and Burberry’s Prorsum oversized shearling coats and ponchos.


Normcore is all about making a statement while blending in. Designers, such as Hugo Boss, Max Mara, Hermès, and Jason Wu embraced this new trend on the runway.



Don’t let the end of summer bring an end to vibrant colors in your wardrobe! Designers chose to enter the fall with bright colors and warm hues. Some examples include Joseph Altuzarra’s pink and gray wrap-coat, and Emanuel Ungaro’s striped green, black, and blue knitted-dress. 

Aug 11, 2014 / 1 note
Aug 11, 2014
Aug 11, 2014

Weather For Leather: Fall Fashion 2014 






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