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Apr 15

Bring In Spring with the Clean

Spring is that awkward time leaving you scrambling back and forth between finding your summer essentials amidst your polar vortex gear. It can be hard to locate your favorite pair of flats after they’ve been covered with the pile of old and new winter boots you’ve collected. After this winter, we all have our new accumulation of scarves, boots, and gloves. It was all out of necessity, though, because the weather has been so unpredictable.

Well, spring is finally here! Seriously, I promise it will feel like it soon.

As you start to regain your trust for the weather you shouldn’t have to waste time trying to figure out where you’ve placed your favorite key pieces. Here are a few suggestions to keep you organized and maximize time for that base tan (we’re all thinking it) :

Scarf Hanger from the Container Store


Cute Elephant Hook  from Anthropologie image

Shoe Tree from Target 


Jewelry Stand from Anthropologie 


Cute Wall Cubby from Anthropologie  


Tiered Baskets  from Crate and Barrel 


Need help finding specific organizational supplies and tools? With only a few clicks of a button, let us do the searching and find exactly what you are looking for. Sign-up with Resultly today (it’s free and only takes a couple of seconds): 

Mar 27

Lollapalooza is Here: What to Expect


You know the lineup and you know you want to go, but where can you find more information about the biggest outdoor concert in Chicago this summer?

If you haven’t made a connection between the numerous leaks, trending hash tags, and fight at the never loading webpage, LOLLAPALOOZA is here. Grab your friend and your crazy concert attire because this summertime music fest is mayhem you will want to be a part of. This year’s great line-up is not going to disappoint. And if you have no clue what Lollapalooza is or have no desire to surround yourself around mosh-pits and other people’s sweat, here is the line-up so you can participate in conversations about the most trending topic of the summer (Lollapalooza 2014 Line-up) 

August is hot, but here’s what’s not: missing out on a festival that exhibits the cities culture, great architecture, food and music. Here’s what I mean:

Relive Lollapalooza and Get Ready for 2014!

The 3 days (August 1-3) are a time where you can go back and relive the rebellious and cool teen you wish you could have been. And just when you think the party is over for the kiddies, don’t forget about the after shows and parties. Who knows where the night will take you! Selfies with Eminem, anyone?


Regardless of who you want to see or if you are just looking for a place to make 300,000 new friends, Resultly can help you scalp new tickets as they go on private sales or news pertaining to your must see artist. Just insert Eminem, Lorde, Arctic Monkeys, or Kings of Leon and your real-time results will provide you with instant feedback on any new happenings. If you were happy with the site download time when tickets went on sale, trust me, the guaranteed real-time results will leave you uber happy!

 -Diana Szorc

Mar 12

Chicago Winter Storm: Who Needs a Shovel?


Photo Credit:

The cold temperatures are back and the snow just keeps piling up.  Jack Frost is not quite ready to say goodbye to his beloved city just yet. It seems that he has fallen in love with the Chicago streets and pedestrian walkways.  With temperatures expected to drop to 27 degrees, and snowfall up to 8 inches in some areas, it may be a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected.

 The city of Chicago did not anticipate this amount of annual snowfall. In fact, Chicago has already received 75.5 inches of snow this winter and it is only expected to increase. If you think Mr. Frost will soon be on his way, it is time to start preparing a fresh cup of coffee for this overstayed visitor because Chicago has previously seen snowfall even throughout some parts of April. Since Chicago has experienced an unpredicted salt shortage (Chicago Salt Shortage), you might want to start dressing in layers, watching your step (What to Wear During a Chicago Winter), and driving around with a shovel. But, who really wants to keep investing in shovels when all that money could be spent on a Starbucks latte to keep you warm? You are excused of this purchase since there may not be any shovels left after a two time Polar Vortex.


 No more spending or guessing, the deals app on Resultly can help you find out where to get both a quality and cheap shovel with real-time results. This way, you can be prepared incase you do get stuck along your drive to work and it won’t be long before you out of the cold. A shovel can always come to the rescue when the salt trucks don’t make it in time, and incase Jack Frost does want to meet for a coffee date you can let him know to meet you inside.

 Stay warm!

 -Diana Szorc

Mar 03

Apartment Hunt: Save Time and Money


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College students usually don’t stress about their Spring Break or St. Patrick’s Day plans. They’ve had their beach vacations and party schedules organized long before they knew a Polar Vortex was on the way. Although almost every student could get an A in event planning and last minute packing, asking about their living situation for next year may not be such a good idea. March is a time for upper classmen to evaluate their roommates and determine if they can live with another year of uncleaned dishes and pulling pranks before they make Buzzfeed’s 21 Funniest Roommate Trolls of All Time. On the other hand, lower classmen are scrambling through Facebook photos in order to select the roommate that makes them look most photogenic. 

It is not a matter of delay or procrastination; trust me, it would take any college student less than a second to commit to an Executive Suite in the Trump Tower. Finding the right place to call home takes plenty of time, especially when you are planning to have multiple roommates. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to claiming a “great view” or the ideal ambiance a quality home should possess. Whether you are looking for a place that can host your bachelor parties or just trying to find a cute spot to live with your friends, finding the right home takes time an effort. Knowing college students don’t really have either because squeezing in an extra party for the weekend is a priority, here are 3 tips that will save you time and do all the extra thinking for you:

1. Start Early - sorry, I meant NOW. There is no bigger feeling of regret than walking around the local neighborhood only to find that each great apartment spot has already been taken. Save yourself the worry and the extra time spent in the cold and rain. Now is the time to start making use of the beautiful technological world we live in. Resultly will assist you in searching for apartments that fit your budget and criteria, just add it to your interests. 


2. Check the Pipes - Avoid any surprises and make sure to do your research. Landlords often know they are dealing with college students, but this does not mean you don’t care about your living space. Ask your neighbors, previous renters, and check online reviews for any red flags. Save yourself the worries and make sure you understand what circumstances you can and can’t live with by making them apparent on any leases you sign. 

3. Decorate with a Great Taste and Budget - As tempting as it is to go to Anthropologie or Create and Barrel to accessorize the new place, there are better ways to make your newly established apartment looking chic and stylish. Bargain hunting and exploring stores such as HomeGoods keeps your apartment looking rich in design and style without hurting you Spring Break budget. 

More Tips: College Apartment Decorating Ideas

Finding an apartment should be as easy as saying yes to Mexico for a Spring vacation. You never know, your next new find might just become your new hideout destination!

Feb 10

Who’s Bringing Home the Gold? 4 Athletes to Keep an Eye On at Sochi

привет! The Winter Olympics are here and it is time for an update on which olympians to watch out for so that you don’t miss the moments that will go down in the record books. At this year’s Olympic games in Sochi, there is no shortage of athletes, young and old, capable of securing their spot in sports history. You owe it to yourself to be part of the excitement and to witness some of the most memorable performances that only come around every two years. With that said, here is a list of four athletes that are sure to impress you and give an incentive to email the YouTube videos to your friends who have missed out:


Yulia LipnitskayaAt just 15 years old, this Russian ice skater will leave you with a breath-taking performance like you have never witnessed. With such incredible precision and flexibility, this Olympics, Lipnitskaya will be proving the world and judges with her notoriously flawless performance that she is deserving of the gold medal. Her young age and fluid movement gives her an advantage over older girls who have to use more force and are less flexible. Lipnitskaya is ready to become the single star of these Games as she is fighting to win an individual gold medal in Sochi.


Zdeno Chara: A professional ice hockey defenseman, Chara is the man with a competitive advantage. At 6’ 9”it is uncommon for players to be so tall. Known for his history of destroying the opposing teams forwards, Chara is the current captain of the Boston Bruins and one of a few Europeans born to win a Stanley Cup. Chara will be representing the Slovakian team at the Olympics this year. Ironically, his first game will be against the United States on February 13th. Keep an eye out to see how this defensemen uses his knowledge of the USA hockey team strategies to his team’s advantage. 


Shaun White: “The Flying Tomato”may have chopped off his flow to keep it classy for Sochi, but this will not prevent him from keeping you off the edge of your seat. This American snowboarder has already won two Olympic gold medals and he is after his third. He holds an X-Games record for highest overall medal count and has won more than 10 ESPY Awards. Although he has pulled out of the slope-style competition, White will be focusing on defending his place in the half-pipe. Though he may be the oldest snowboarder at the Olympics this year, his performance is one you don’t want to miss. 


Bode Miller: Born on skis, this previous Olympic gold medalist is creating a challenge for the rest of the competition. At 36 years old, Miller is one of the older athletes on the mountain and quite an expert as well. This will be the fifth Olympics Miller has been a part of. After plenty of training and recovering from a knee surgery, Miller is not skiing the Alpine slopes for a medal or to win the hearts of the fans. His past tweets reveal his main ambition is to prove that he can still be competitive on the slopes. His recent surgery and older age are not stopping him and it will be interesting to see just how he does.
If you are looking for more coverage of the Olympics, insert your favorite athlete or sport into Resultly’s Media Search for real-time coverage. The 2014 Olympics are just too cool to miss out on! 

-Diana Szorc 

Feb 02

Let’s Talk Super Bowl: 5 Commercials You Need to Lookout For


If you have not heard already, today is Super Bowl Sunday.  The one day out of the year where American’s take pride in cheering on their beloved football teams in the championship for the world title. With an average viewing audience of 111 million and both a beer and some wings in your hands, brands are on the prowl to get your attention because you are not getting up from your couch anytime soon.

 With online leaks spreading across the web, this year’s ads priced at $4 million a minute seem to be ranging from pups and ponies to wings and Muppets. If football has never really been your area of knowledge, no worries, because the top plays are not going to be all your colleagues will be talking about on Monday.

 Here are the top 5 ads you should lookout for tonight just incase you’re feeling left out on the whole football talk ordeal:

Budweiser: Puppy love is in the air! This time featuring a pup that cannot give up on the love and affection from his master. Their unbreakable bond and adorable friendship goes straight to your heart.

 Cheerios: After successfully launching their first commercial featuring an interracial family, Cheerios has added new family members to join the fun. The fictional family made up of a black dad, white mom and their young daughter depict the changing U.S. population and will be the first time Cheerios makes a showing in the Super Bowl.

 Bud Light: Arnold Schwarzenegger is back and he is just about ready to show you how young and fit he still is. In the “Arnold Zipper” ad, Schwarzenegger will be playing a ping-pong match and the world is ready to see the results.

 Axe: It is time to cuddle up and watch. Axe’s new transcendent message “Make Love Not War” will warm your heart and put you in the February Valentines mood if you are not already. Be prepared to feel a bit of suspense in the beginning, however sit back and let the plot unfold. Very well done, this commercial is bold, comical and beautiful.

 Volkswagen: Anything you have ever wanted to see in an ad is put into one.  Literally. German scientist, babies, puppies, Carmen Electra, cake, balloons, a muscle man, the list goes on. It is truly the ultimate game day commercial.

 This Super Bowl does not have to be your turn to fumble. Kick it off by using some great inside information to enjoy true entertainment of the evening. Both comical, compelling and heart warming it is the one time you won’t want to skip through the commercials.

-Diana Szorc 

Jan 26

3 Things Cold Weather Makes You Do

Cold weather can be dreadful. Nothing is worse than having to get out of your warm and cozy bed only to be welcomed by the cold wooden floors and a chilling view from your window. It seems that anywhere you go, the world just likes to remind you how cold you are. Whether it is from your friend’s Caribbean vacation photos on Instagram or the local news meteorologist showing you live footage before you even have the slightest intent to go outside, you get it. Does everybody really need to serenade you with his or her version of Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer’s “Baby Its Cold Outside?”  I don’t think so.
​Lucky for you, as your friends are sipping on martinis and rolling around in the sand, here are the 3 reasons you are taking advantage of the true goodness in life while building character on top of it all:
1. Going Local
2. Drinking more hot chocolate
3. Catching up on favorite TV shows
Going Local- ​With dangerous road conditions that lead to endless hours spent in traffic, not many of us have the time or desire to go out of our way in order to enjoy some staple items. This is the perfect time to experiment with some new taste buds and benefit your own community. Often, we lose sight of the little gems right in front of us! Whether it is local bake shops, new boutiques or finally making time to go to the movies, cold weather brings us closer together with our roots and enriches us in the rich culture of our very own town!

More Hot Chocolate- ​Chocolate was introduced to the Europeans in the early 1500s. Since it was introduced in Spain, people began to serve it sweetened and hot. Taking over 100 years to spread across Europe, the evolution has left us with many new recipes. Some like it hot by adding chili peppers or others like it to be thicker by adding crème. It can be surprising how many ways there are to drink hot chocolate, and we all know nothing tastes better on a snowy day. If you want to add some marshmallows and sit by an open fire, embrace it.  These few winter months are the only time it is seasonally appropriate and here’s a link to my favorite recipe:

Dibbs On The TV- The perfect excuse to not go out and enjoy some “me time” is simply saying no to bowling, because… you know, it is very dangerous outside. Time to tell Betty you are not going to make it and tell your couch you are.  Cold weather is the time to maximize your cable usage and click that controller ON button. But, not many of us have time to sit in front of the TV to see when are favorite shows are on. Fortunately, the Resultly app can easily track the new episodes that are out. It’s easy; reveal your interest and BAM all the news about your favorite shows appears before your eyes!

Winter is here and trust me, baby it is NOT bad out there. The cold helps us indulge into life’s better offerings! So, take out that phone because it is time for a Insta pic, the cold weather won’t be around forever, you know.

-Diana Szorc

Jan 15

Golden Globes Breakdown


A few days ago the world was given the opportunity to watch as Hollywood walks, poses, drinks, laughs, presents, and accepts awards for their outstanding performances over the year.  The Golden Globes was the place any actor or actress wanted to be last Sunday night.  

While their acting jobs were obviously one topic of discussion, it certainly wasn’t the only one.  Some other honorable mentions included: fashion and the classic, “who are you wearing?” question.  Sources such as E! News was all over it covering everything from the nail polish “Mani Cam” to the height of the heel.  As well as the debate to rid of the stage all together and just have drop down mics at each table.  I’m not the only one that thought the walk up takes up a good 10% of show, and when you have multiple Sunday night shows to watch c’mon, lets trim the fat people!  Let us not forget about the comedians of the group.  Every good award show starts with one thing, a funny host, and this years GG”s we had two.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler stole the show with their jokes and jabs at fellow colleagues.  Matt Damon received an extra dose of “love” from Fey and Poehler as well as Bridesmaids actress, Melissa McCarthy believing she in fact was Matt Damon.  

We all know watching is fun, especially a little later into the night once the drinks start flowing, but it can also be a task keeping up with everything.  As a viewer, you need to have just about every form of social news out and ready.  You’ve got the Globes on TV, twitter on your phone, Facebook on your tablet, and all the entertainment news websites pulled up in separate tabs on your computer.  Believe me I know it can get pretty hectic, but this year I decided to tone it down a notch.  Instead, I curled up on the couch, wine glass in hand and watched.  No phone or laptop around, I just sat and let the program unfold and shockingly enough, it was enjoying.  Now don’t get me wrong because boy did I still get my fix of who’s on the hot and not list with a special thanks to, drum roll please… Resultly.  I went to my profile and added a couple new interests.  I got all the results I needed from my usual entertainment, fashion, and beauty experts.  

Resultly makes it easy to keep up with Hollywood, and as we all know, things change by the minute there.  So remember, for the next award show, celebrity meltdown, or latest makeup or breakup, Resultly’s got you covered.

- Caitlin Carroll

Jan 02

Bruno Mars is the MAN.

I was 17 years old when I heard Bruno Mars, “ Just the Way you are” and he has been my melodic go-to artist ever since.  I became fascinated with him; wanting to know anything and everything about him.  If you’re wondering at this point if Bruno Mars was my teenage celebrity crush you’re totally right!  Bruno is my Elvis, or my James Dean; he’s perfect.  I mean come on his nickname was “Little Elvis”! What can I say? The man’s got swag.

While his stage name might be Bruno Mars, 28 years ago he was named Peter Gene Hernadez after his father.  So, where does this Sacha Baron Cohen meets outer space name come from?  The chubby wrestler, Bruno Samartino, inspired “Bruno” because as a child, Peter wasn’t exactly the smallest ant on the farm either.  He added “Mars” as his last name for some extra pizzazz, which is fitting because he is out of this world isn’t he?

I was encompassed in everything about Bruno.  I looked all over the Internet, went to libraries (yes, they do still exist), bookstores, even CD stores (also commonly mistaken for ancient ruins), to learn everything I could about this hunk.  While he might be a 13 time Grammy Award nominee, and a Billboard Music Award winner for Top Radio Song, as well as my personal favorite song among many other honors, I think it’s safe to say after all that running around I was more exhausted than he could’ve been!

 So, thanks to hearing a little bit about this app, Resultly, I was intrigued to know if they could tell me more about my man than I already knew.  After creating my profile I typed in “Bruno Mars” and let the notifications flow.  From concert tickets and tour dates to song announcements and news releases, Resultly showed my research skills up.

 My 17 year-old self hasn’t evolved much as One Direction is my latest Resultly follow; you know you could use a little Harry Styles in your life don’t deny it.  But, truth be told, I simply love the sit back and let the info come to you lifestyle that Resultly allows.

Click below to be as mesmerized as I was: 

Dec 28

Forget to Get Someone a Holiday Gift and Still Need To?

The holiday season is an exciting time for everyone. Families get together and it’s the happiest time of the year. This fun also comes with a lot of pressure unfortunately, you have to think of and find something to buy for the whole family.You can’t forget to buy one of your cousins something; oops! And now you have to worry about buying a belated holiday gift. Usually those who are trying to buy gifts for their loved ones head to the nearest mall and spend hours desperately looking for the perfect present. I love going shopping at the mall, dont get me wrong! Resultly brings the mall to me though! For example, my dad loves watches, my mom loves handbags, and my brother loves soccer. After signing-in to my Resultly account, I follow each interest ( watches, handbags, and soccer jerseys). 


As you can see, I receive results and am able to choose from the best deals on the Internet. Resultly allows me to find exactly what I am looking for while saving the time, money and hassle.

Yes… you can use it for free too. Start shopping using Resultly today!