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Jul 22, 2014

Franks Favorite App: Resultly

Tired of searching for products you can’t find? Or especially when you just purchased a watch but later find out you could’ve bought it for less at a different store? We thought so.

Frank Fontana, on behalf of WGN 720, interviewed Resultly’s creator IIya Beyrak about the shopping app and why it’s the answer to the endless searching you’re forced to endure when finding a product.

Listen for the full interview here:

Jul 17, 2014


Attention all lovers of fashion and shopping and anything in between! Before you scroll down any further, I have some very important news for you, yes it is as serious as it sounds. 

Resultly has just become your new BFF and your new obsession all in one. With over 50 million products and over 200 thousand retailers you are bound to find those black high-waisted shorts you’ve been looking all summer long for to go with that cute daisy-printed crop top you just bought! A little too specific right? Well just think of Resultly has your very own personal shopper right at your fingertips.

Now we all know what it’s like to shop at Forever 21, you are on a mission to find those black high-waisted shorts; however, $100 dollars spent and three hours later you end up buying everything you really don’t need but desperately want. Oh, and did I mention you still couldn’t find those black high-waisted shorts? Yeah, the mannequin at the front of the store had on a real cute pair but they were nowhere in sight. So to summarize your shopping experience, You=0.5 (a half point for the cute maxi dress find) and Forever 21=1.

Not only does Resultly find exactly what you’re looking for, but has the ability to save whatever it is that interests you. So once you find those black high-waisted shorts just buy them and click “Save to Collection” where you can save all of your findings! Super similar to capabilities of Pinterest.  In less than ten minutes you finally found your black high-waisted shorts. Woohoo looks like you’re the winner this time, making you and your closet very happy!

You can download Resultly on your iPhone by visitng the App Store or go to our website at to create your profile and start shopping today!

Looking for a little style inspiration? Be sure to check out Resultly influencer, BohoBunnie’s profile for some summer outfit ideas!

Janell N. 

Jul 8, 2014

Summertime Style with Resultly

After this year’s especially harsh winter, summertime could not be any more of a bigger relief for the city. As days grow longer and hotter, it is high time to trade in those puffy coats, giant scarfs, and heavy boots for something much lighter. With everyone flocking to the countless activities the city has to offer (street festivals, rooftop bars, beach outings), it is important to dress to impress while having fun.


When it comes to fun in the sun, two things are of the utmost importance: swimsuits and sunglasses. Resultly can help you step up your style game without breaking the bank. Simply create a collection and fill it with all those treat yourself items that you know you want/need but cannot purchase…yet.

To track items, tap the “Search” button on the bottom and enter in your keyword. If you’re looking for sunglasses for example, Resultly will display results from various sources which can then be further filtered. If you are looking for something more specific that is not listed, Resultly lets you add products using website URLs. Just tap on the “Plus” symbol next to the search bar and paste in your URL. Tap “Add Item To Collection” and Resultly will pull all the essential information from the page.


Once you have added your items, just sit back and relax; Resultly will do all the work now, delivering any updates such as price drops and discounts. Summer is fleeting so rather than spending all day sitting in front of the computer hitting that refresh key, get out there and have fun while Resultly helps you keep up.

- Dennis

Jun 1, 2014

The War for Your Attention: Netflix’s Inevitable Takeover

After bingewatching the entire second season of Netflix’s political opera, “House of Cards,” I’ve noticed a lack of desire or need to watch traditional programming or to get dressed. The quality of Netflix’s original shows rival HBO’s and what surpasses them is the episode’s availability. I mean, Netflix and Hulu upload an entire season of their originals to their platform and you can watch them once, twice, or hundred times if you feel it necessary.

It seems a lot better than having to wait a whole week for another episode that you can easily miss because you either forgot that the show exists or something came up at that particular moment. Then you have to set aside time in the future to watch it before the next episode airs. When I started working Thursday nights and could no longer watch The Office, I turned to Hulu to solve my problem.

So, I don’t really care if I watch television anymore because at some point or in some form, that episode of TV I’m watching will be online. Though, I can’t help but feel like this sort of mentality will greatly affect TV networks and their own programming.

TV networks make their money by selling advertising and the internet provides a great new way to generate revenue. Advertisers will follow suit with this but the traditional advertising model for television won’t be able to.

The model was that you had to buy thirty or sixty-second timeslots then it’s that profit that creates the continuing existence of television shows. Internet advertisers have the luxury of being able to target a specific demographic with their advertisements which is something TV networks don’t have the ability to do.

They’ll also be losing out on this upcoming generation who’ll no doubt be more interested in watching TV online than our generation already is.

Online streaming also affects TV ratings, too. No one panics about missing an episode of their favorite show anymore because they can just watch it online somewhere. This even includes the Superbowl, the Academy Awards, and all of those random reality singing competitions that glorify bad singers because most people nowadays don’t have time and would rather just view the highlights the next day.

The question is what will TV networks do when online streaming has taken over? Where will they get money to fund new programming? What will Fox do when they can’t limp to the playground anymore with their bad TV pilots?

Though, I don’t think TV networks have much to worry about just yet. I’m sure Fox has money buried in suitcases somewhere and their employees have jetpacks underneath their desks so they can jet off to an undisclosed location whenever Netflix announces a worldwide takeover.

This online streaming is in its infancy and it’s got a lot to do before it can cause some serious damage.

It has to convert the few billions of people that haven’t made the switch yet and it has to offer the same exact shows that TV networks are producing. I mean, Hulu typically offers next-day viewing but not even they can afford contracts with bigger networks like HBO.

Nonetheless, despite having a ways to go, it will happen soon. Now, it’s time for work. Wait, I think I have time for one more episode.


May 27, 2014

The Future of the iPhone: 3D holograms, built-in projectors, and tongue scanning?

It would be appropriate to say that the iPhone truly redefined the nature and form of the modern cellphone when it was first introduced in 2007. The product created a new subcategory and brought together a consortium of shoppers who collectively agreed that their cellphones should be capable of more. Whether consumers were conscious of it or not, they deeply desired to have cells that could not only dial people but also provide ways to update their statuses, drop tweets, send videos, and play mobile games. All Apple had to do was unlock this secret desire of ours and instill a need for it which they’ve clearly done. Now, with everything that Apple and its competing companies have managed to achieve with a cellphone, what could possibly be next? What hidden talents of our modern iPhones remain to be seen?

How about a built-in projector?

Many Youtube users have uploaded various videos of what the latest features of the iPhone 6 will be. Some included a built-in projector of sorts among other things but all of them have been hoaxes and required extensive graphic design and video editing work to make it appear real. The real question is, why does it matter if the iPhone 6 or its inevitable follow-ups have a projector?

Well, the big upside is that you won’t have to watch the latest episodes of Revenge on just a 4 inch screen. You’ll be able to project a movie right in front of you, allowing for a much better and bigger viewing experience. Come on, who wouldn’t want to watch Captain America with Chris Evans standing two inches in front of you, looking like he’s actually in the room with you.

Go on, fan yourself.

And why not take it one step further? How about holograms? I mean if they can generate 3D visual representations of Tupac and Kurt Cobain performing on stage then why can’t the iPhone have something of a similar nature? I mean, it’s not totally unrealistic. After all, 3D screens exist and some don’t require glasses now. All we would need is a 3D screen, a built-in projector, and a much of other technical stuff with names that I’m sure are challenging to pronounce.

Lastly and more realistically, we won’t have to remember passwords to get inside our phones. Phone companies are deeply enamored with the possibilities of what biometric security can offer to them and to their respective consumers. Motorola already introduced fingerprint scanning a few years ago in their Atrix model and it was refined by Apple last year when they added the 5S to their catalog. Android created eye-scanning features for their phones and now there’s talk of vocal recognitions. It seems biometrics can offer more stable and reliable security for the modern day texter. I’m just worried about where this research and integration will take us. Will they eventually create a tongue-scan where you have to lick your screen to unlock the phone?

Yeah, let that sink in.


May 15, 2014 / 2 notes

Artists to Watch

I lean back against a cold brick wall, tucked away with obscured vision of the stage. The lighting in the Conaway Center pairs well with the smooth, melodic sound of a harmonica. I don’t know it yet, but in about four minutes, The Wild Family will leave me speechless.

With musical influences from Fleet Foxes, the Beach Boys, and Leonard Cohen, The Wild Family began their journey early on as Jake Schweitzer (lead vocals, guitar) and Zach Schweitzer (bass, vocals) are brothers. It wasn’t until attending Columbia College to study Music and Performance that they recruited fellow band mates Kevin Koreman (drums) and now Evan Pinter (guitar) to complete the foursome.  They are a consistent act at Columbia’s on campus events as well as many of Chicago’s greatest toe-tapping joints such as Old Town School of Folk Music, Metro, SPACE, Schuba’s, and more.  

Their electrified folk-rock sound combines a peaceful strumming and steady beats with soothing vocals that are reminiscent of Bob Dylan or more recently, Mumford and Sons.  Rising up from the same city streets as us in Chicago, The Wild Family was named Best Emerging Artist of 2013 by The Deli Magazine, an independent publication that focuses on local music scenes. This is only the beginning of The Wild Family’s long road.

With their debut EP released in February (Bandcamp link below), they are at it again working to write a full-length album to be recorded in late 2014.  If you are interested in hearing them live, and you should be, they are continuing to play around Chicago while preparing for a tour this summer throughout the Midwest.

Support new and emerging artists, so listen, share, comment, post and buy!

Hear full EP here:

The Deli Magazine Article:


May 2, 2014

The Big Debate: Apple vs. PC



It’s one of those controversial conversations where your side is always right.  This simple, one worded answer can tell a lot about a person. It’s long been a hot topic for discussion, but there comes a time in every man and woman’s life when they’re asked, “Apple or Pc”?  

With about thirteen desks and anywhere from one to three computers at each, walking into our office it wouldn’t take very long to realize where we stand on the matter. I mean, an Apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?  Not to detract any of you PC phanatics, but with the help of a few sources, we’ve compiled a list of the top three reasons for each’s love affair.


1.  Security
Don’t even think about watching TV via online websites if you’re on a PC.  This is one area of business that you might find Mac users appreciate most.  For me, being virus free since the start of ‘13 is just one less thing I need to worry about when catching up on my shows.  

2.  Reliability
Mac attack might be a catch phrase that comes to mind when we think of reliability and the longevity of our computers.  Apple computers have gained a reputation to long outlive their PC counterparts, and for good reason in many cases.  Part of this is due to PC’s vulnerability to viruses, which can be a big hit to the computer’s overall immune system.  Not to say that Mac’s are invincible, they too can incur the occasional malfunction.  The best way for you to protect both devices are to always install the latest and most up-to-date antivirus software.

3.  Design
For those of you who remember the classic Apple commercial a few years back, Mac’s are cool, PC’s aren’t, and we know this because Justin Long told us so- haha.  Apple computers are designed to be as sleek looking and user friendly as possible. It syncs up to your phone and/or iPad for convenience, and has proven to taken the technological world to the next level.



1.  Price
We ranked this as the number one factor because, well, isn’t it obvious; who doesn’t want to save some dough.  Being a Mac user, we feel first hand the pain in the bank account that comes with buying Apple.  PC’s have such a wide range in price, anywhere from a little over a hundred to a thousand, which is great for any budget.

2.  Variety
While Apple offers just five different computers to choose from, there are roughly eleven different brands that manufacture PCs, and each have various models within to chose from as well.  This versatility from PCs allows consumers to find the product that best fits their specific technological needs.

3.  Software Compatibility
Well it’s safe to say PC’s have dominated in the software department.  Between most businesses who have started using PC’s as well as today’s gamers, Mac’s have limited software options to suit their needs.  While Apple is jumping on the software bandwagon to compete with PC’s in the category, they are still a ways away from domination.

So, the ball’s in your court now.  We’ve given you the facts, the figures, and the reputations perceived.  So ladies and gentlemen, it’s time;  Are you a Mac, or are you a PC?

If you’d like to hear some more on the matter feel free to check out our handy dandy sources:

- Caitlin Carroll 

May 1, 2014

Sterling Not So Shiny


May 1st, 2014

  As news broke on April 29, 2014 Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling was caught on tape making racist comments in a conversation with his girlfriend who is nearly 60 years younger than him. Sterling (80) and his girlfriend V. Stiviano (21) were having a conversation regarding Stiviano bringing African-American people to the game. He advised her not to do so or post pictures with African-Americans on her Instagram. This resulted in NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, dropping the “ban hammer” on Sterling for life and forcing him to sell the team.What will this mean for the league, players, and owners?

Reaction throughout the league surfaced immediately after Silver made his announcement from numerous players and owners below

LeBron James        ✔ @KingJames


Commissioner Silver thank you for protecting our beautiful and powerful league!! Great leader!! #BiggerThanBasketball #StriveForGreatness

1:43 PM - 29 Apr 2014

Mark Cuban        ✔ @mcuban


I agree 100% with Commissioner Silvers findings and the actions taken against Donald Sterling

1:19 PM - 29 Apr 2014 

Earvin Magic Johnson        ✔ @MagicJohnson


Commissioner Silver showed great leadership in banning LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life.

1:29 PM - 29 Apr 2014

Players and owners feel strongly about this issue and as meetings will continue, only 75% of owners need to vote that he will have to sell the team. A unanimous outcome is predicted as no owner wants to be tied to or supporting Sterling. Sterling has a history of litigation for discrimination against past employees including former NBA player Elgin Baylor who was the former GM of the Clippers, sexual harassment accusations, and being a slumlord from some of his real estate ventures in Los Angeles. People have known of his tyrannical ways for over a decade as he is the longest tenured owner in the NBA at nearly 32 years. The Clippers did not have many winning seasons until 2009 when rising star Blake Griffin was selected with the number one overall pick in the draft, throughout the 90s they constantly finished at the bottom of the league and failed to contend for the playoffs.

So now the big question upon us is how soon The Los Angeles Clippers will be sold and out of Sterling’s hands for good. Under article 13 of the league’s constitution stating that a team can be sold if an owner is practicing unethical conduct in business and dealings. The Clippers have lost 3 sponsors already, and if Sterling was to stay on, how many people would attend the games? Sterling plans to fight this being an attorney himself, he will seek a court injunction after he is voted out. He can also sue for breach of contract and antitrust claims. His fight revolves around him paying a tax of about 33% of his total gain. He purchased the team in 1981 for $12.5 million, and now they are worth over an estimated $600 million, with that figure being the least amount that they are worth. If he sold the team for $1 billion then he would owe Federal & state taxes of nearly $329 million.

Do you think the NBA and commissioner Adam Silver acted appropriately against Sterling? Is it fair that he will have to sell the team?  How will this impact the future of NBA owners?

-Russ Djafarov

Apr 15, 2014

Bring In Spring with the Clean

Spring is that awkward time leaving you scrambling back and forth between finding your summer essentials amidst your polar vortex gear. It can be hard to locate your favorite pair of flats after they’ve been covered with the pile of old and new winter boots you’ve collected. After this winter, we all have our new accumulation of scarves, boots, and gloves. It was all out of necessity, though, because the weather has been so unpredictable.

Well, spring is finally here! Seriously, I promise it will feel like it soon.

As you start to regain your trust for the weather you shouldn’t have to waste time trying to figure out where you’ve placed your favorite key pieces. Here are a few suggestions to keep you organized and maximize time for that base tan (we’re all thinking it) :

Scarf Hanger from the Container Store


Cute Elephant Hook  from Anthropologie image

Shoe Tree from Target 


Jewelry Stand from Anthropologie 


Cute Wall Cubby from Anthropologie  


Tiered Baskets  from Crate and Barrel 


Need help finding specific organizational supplies and tools? With only a few clicks of a button, let us do the searching and find exactly what you are looking for. Sign-up with Resultly today (it’s free and only takes a couple of seconds): 

Mar 27, 2014

Lollapalooza is Here: What to Expect


You know the lineup and you know you want to go, but where can you find more information about the biggest outdoor concert in Chicago this summer?

If you haven’t made a connection between the numerous leaks, trending hash tags, and fight at the never loading webpage, LOLLAPALOOZA is here. Grab your friend and your crazy concert attire because this summertime music fest is mayhem you will want to be a part of. This year’s great line-up is not going to disappoint. And if you have no clue what Lollapalooza is or have no desire to surround yourself around mosh-pits and other people’s sweat, here is the line-up so you can participate in conversations about the most trending topic of the summer (Lollapalooza 2014 Line-up) 

August is hot, but here’s what’s not: missing out on a festival that exhibits the cities culture, great architecture, food and music. Here’s what I mean:

Relive Lollapalooza and Get Ready for 2014!

The 3 days (August 1-3) are a time where you can go back and relive the rebellious and cool teen you wish you could have been. And just when you think the party is over for the kiddies, don’t forget about the after shows and parties. Who knows where the night will take you! Selfies with Eminem, anyone?


Regardless of who you want to see or if you are just looking for a place to make 300,000 new friends, Resultly can help you scalp new tickets as they go on private sales or news pertaining to your must see artist. Just insert Eminem, Lorde, Arctic Monkeys, or Kings of Leon and your real-time results will provide you with instant feedback on any new happenings. If you were happy with the site download time when tickets went on sale, trust me, the guaranteed real-time results will leave you uber happy!

 -Diana Szorc