Apr 1, 2012

Resultly Team

As for many startups, there was a unique idea first that eventually grew into something tangible. One of many characteristics that make Resultly stand out among its countless peers is the team behind it. We keep growing and new members keep adding to our ranks. 

Alex H (Mobile Architect) - Alex is originally from Baku, Azerbaijan, and then moved to United States in 1991. Upon graduation from the University of Illinois majoring in Computer Science, he was recruited by a small start up that tinkered with the early Palm Pilot devices back in 1998. Ever since, he fell in love with small screens, miniature keyboards and tiny memory. Mobile apps have been his passion all these years. Having 20+ iOS apps in his portfolio, he is excited to lead Resulty into mobile space. He dedicates his free time to his family and creation of electronic music using software synthesizers, re-drum machines and samplers.

Diego M (Mobile Developer) - Diego is Resultly’s Latin American connection. He lives in the picturesque and historically rich  city of Cordoba, Argentina. Diego is involved with the Gaming Division  of Resultly. He started his career in Gameloft in 2005 and since then, he has not been able to escape the realm of mobile games. During his free time, Diego indulges in biking and greatly enjoys playing piano. Señor Mercado’s Master’s degree in engineering allows him to hold a part time teaching position at a local university.  

Ilya B (CEO/Founder) - Ilya is the father of Resultly. He conceived and created the company. If there is a new technology out there, chances are Ilya is aware of it and he is already contemplating if and how Resultly can benefit from it. He keeps us on our toes 24/7. Because of his unquenchable desire to explore new horizons, our team is always on the quest for new frontiers in the world of IT.

Haji A. (UI Architect) - Haji is Resultly’s Lead UI/UX Architect. A world class team is not complete without an experienced multi-talented native New Yorker. Haji has been working with Resultly since the very beginning working closely with Ilya to convert the Resultly concepts out of Ilya’s brain to visual web, mobile, and tablet reality.  At Resultly, he is responsible for web and mobile user experience, user interface architecture and design, product branding, and strategy.  He brings over 10 years of programming and design experience. 

Leon L. (Founder) - Leon is Resultly’s strategic analyst. Leon holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Computer Science. If legal, administrative, or marketing questions arise, Leon is the man with all the answers. He either knows the answers or he knows people who do. His skills in profit and loss management, strategic planning, sales and marketing make Leon an irreplaceable  member of our team. 

Pavel C. (Algorithm Engineer) - Pavel joined Resultly after working in academia for a decade. Although he is a scientist and a passionate educator, Pavel left his field in favor of exploring new horizons in the booming IT field. At Resultly, he is a software engineer and he is responsible for algorithm development. He also writes an occasional blog article for Resultly. Pavel enjoys photography, digital art, and he likes to challenge himself with learning new languages. 

Stepan K (Development Team Lead) - Stepan grew up in a small city surrounded by lush greenness of Carpathian Mountains. He has been with Resultly from the very beginning, and he is a frequent visitor of the “Ideas” section on the project discussion board.  As a software developer, he is responsible for project coordination. Stepan is an avid snowboarder whose frequent adventures result in DOMS. His motto is (failure != option).

Tom# (Senior Developer, /pronounced Tom-sharp/)- Tom is the most clandestine member of our team. We were able to scavenge only a few bits of information about Mr.# He is originally from Lithuania, and he is definitely a family person. Tom has been working in the IT field for 14 years, and he is famous for implementing impossible recursions with no stack overflow. As the reader might have noticed, he is a great fan of C#.

Vadim Z. (Senior Developer) - Vadim is originally from Eastern Europe, but has relocated to Chicago with his family. As a freelance developer, his track in the IT industry includes a massive list of software companies, and he conquered technologies that would make this bio drown in an ocean of abbreviations and technical terms. His hobbies are hip-hop and popping, although he refuses to demonstrate “his moves” when requested. He is very passionate about LINQ statements, and he strongly dislikes five nested FOR loops.